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Microphone Cable - MIC300 MIC400

The MIC300/MIC400 is a high quality Microphone/DMX cable for fixed indoor and outdoor applications. The cable has a straight and rugged jacket made of PVC with an ease of handling when installing. Two insulated and twisted conductors of 0.23 mm² with Aluminum foil and braided shield are provided inside the cable. The durable shielding gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables.The MIC300/MIC400 is a quality microphone cable with an O.D diameter of 6 mm and is suited for all kinds of fixed applications where reliable signal transmission and little loss of signal is needed.
  • MIC300 MIC400


  • Fine stranded wire for high-quality signal transmission

  • Very robust,with thick soft PVC jacket

  • Wonderful shielding 100% provided by aluminum foil and drain wire

  • High flexible,well-suited for use with cable drums 


Cable modelMIC300MIC400
Inner conductor2*Φ0.12TC*202*Φ0.12TC*20
Inner conductor section0.23 mm²0.23 mm²
conductor IsolationHDPE Φ1.4HDPE Φ1.4
Isolation colourRed/WhiteRed/White
conductor twistingYesYes
Shielding 1Φ0.12TC*64 braidedΦ0.12TC*96 braided
Shielding 2Aluminum foilAluminum foil
Outer jacketFlexible PVCFlexible PVC
Outer jacket colour8 colors are optional8 colors are optional
Outer dimensionsΦ6.0 mmΦ6.0 mm
Temperature rangemin. -20℃min. -20℃
Temperature rangemax. 70℃max. 70℃
Packaging100 m roll100 m roll
Lead resistance - 100 meter≤9.1 Ω≤9.1 Ω
Cable crosstalk - 100 meterMin 73.3dBMin 73.3dB



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