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  • CR223XL Crossovers
    Electronic Crossover (stereo two-way, mono three-way)
    Stereo 2-channel / mono 3-channel electronic crossover.
    Stepping selectable potentiometer makes adjustment more accurate.
    Crossover point between the high and low frequency can be adjusted continuously.
  • CR234XL Crossovers
    CR234XL is a stereo 3-way, stereo 2-way and mono 4-way electronic crossover.
    The most important feature of this crossover is that it can achieve the crossover function for stereo3-way, stereo 2-way and mono 4-way by converted the switch on rear panel,
    and the frequency point between high /mid frequency, mid / low frequency can be adjusted within a certain range. In addition, this crossover can select stereo subwoofer output or mono subwoofer summed by left and right channels. Two channels have x10 elected range switch and 40HZ high-pass filter (cut the low-frequency).
    All outputs with phase reverse function.



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