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  • KPR100 Karaoke preamplifier
    KPR100 Professional Karaoke preamp
    KPR100 is a pre-amplifier specially designed for the professional karaoke, with 99 kinds of digital reverb. Music, reverb, microphone can independently volume adjust;
    built-in subwoofer output, adjustable crossover frequency, microphone high,
    mid and low frequency can be adjusted independently, making performance more professional, relaxed and comfortable.
    KPR100 can be applied to Karaoke room, simple request dancing halls, conference or multifunctional rooms. Because of its good effect, easy operation, cost-effective, has won a high popularity.
  • KPR600 dual reverb Karaoke preamplifier
    KPR600 Dual-Reverb Karaoke preamp
    KPR600 is a dual reverb Karaoke preamp. Compare with single reverb models, no matter for the sense of space sound field; it has greatly improved, with more full voice, more comfortable and natural singing.
    For KPR600, microphone, reverb, and music, respectively, with three-band EQ controls, the singer can adjust according to the environment and personal preferences, to get their desired results. This preamp can be applied to Karaoke rooms, dance halls, conference rooms and multifunction rooms.



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