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HP004 NdFeB magnetic Headphone

*The 50mm neodymium magnetic driver unit provides a wider dynamic range.Special diaphragm achieves transparent sound and low distortion;

*Super high performance NdFeB magnetic system, to achieve efficient instantaneous dynamic response;Both the left and right earphones can rotate 180 degrees to facilitate listening with one ear;

*The appearance design is simple atmosphere, light and comfortable, strong and durable;

*Precision sound cavity closed structure design, with high quality sound;

*Tensile arm adopts special stainless steel material with scale, easy to adjust the consistency;The head strip steel bow is made of special manganese steel material, after elastic processing, the pressure is moderate;High quality leather earmuffs are matched with extra-soft memory cotton, which is easy and comfortable to wear.

*Single lug outlet design, easy to use, using OFC oxygen-free copper wire core, strong signal, low noise;It is suitable for listening to music, live streaming, watching movies, playing games and recording Musical Instruments.
  • HP004
Headphone type:Enclosed
Driver unit:Φ50mm
Impedance:32 ohms
Frequency response:10Hz-28KHz
Rated power:400MW
Maximum power:1500MW
Length of signal cable:3 meters
Connecting plug:Φ3.5mm+Φ6.3mm
Product weight:256g (include signal wire)



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