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HP003 NdFeB magnetic Headphone

*The new 50mm neodymium magnetic driver unit is matched with the sound cavity, with dynamic width and high resolution.Both the left and right earphones can rotate 180 degrees to facilitate listening with one ear;

*Folding structure design, small size, easy to carry, light and comfortable, strong and durable;Sound cavity fully enclosed structure design, good monitoring effect;

*Tensile arm adopts special stainless steel material with scale design, easy to adjust the consistency;The head strip steel bow is made of special manganese steel material, which is treated by professional elastic process and does not deform.

*Single lug outlet design, easy to use, using OFC oxygen free copper wire core, low noise;Threaded plug connection design, strong and durable, convenient to connect various monitoring equipment;

*It is suitable for listening to music, watching movies, live broadcast on the Internet, playing piano instruments and listening in various places.
  • HP003
Headphone type:Enclosed
Driver unit:Φ50mm
Impedance:32 ohms
Frequency response:10Hz-32KHz
Rated power:350MW
Maximum power:1500MW
Length of signal cable:3 meters
Connecting plug:Φ3.5mm+Φ6.3mm
Product weight:275g



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