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Audio Siginal Cable - SIG150 SIG150A

SIG150 SIG150A

The SIG series cables are high quality signal cables for indoor fixed or mobile applications. They have a PVC jacket and are very easy to handle. The inner conductors are fitted with a durable shielding.This gives an excellent protection against interference of all kinds such as electromagnetic fields produced by dimmers, electric motors or power cables. The SIG series cables are “all-round” signal cables which are suited for all kinds of applications where reliable signal transmission is needed.
  • SIG150 SIG150A

• Professional non-noise Audio cables    

• Fine stranded wire for high-quality signal transmission    

• Very robust,with thick soft PVC jacket    

• Wonderful shielding 85% provided by dense copper spiral    

• High flexible,well-suited for use with cable drums    

• Small jacket diameter, ensuring easy handling with RCA and jack connectors    



Cable modelSIG150SIG150A
No. of inner conductors2*[2*(Φ0.12BC*14)]2*[2*(Φ0.12BC*12)]
Inner conductor section0.16 mm²0.14 mm²
conductor IsolationPE Φ1PE Φ1
Isolation colourWhite / Red ; White / BlueWhite / Red ; White / Blue
ShieldingΦ0.12Cu*32 spiralΦ0.12Cu*32 spiral+AL foil
Outer jacketFlexible PVCFlexible PVC
Outer jacket colourBlackBlack
Outer dimensionsΦ4*8 mmΦ4*8 mm
Temperature rangemin. -20℃min. -20℃
Temperature rangemax. 70℃max. 70℃
Packaging100 m roll100 m roll
Lead resistance - 100 meter≤10.6 Ω≤10.6 Ω
Cable crosstalk - 100 meterMin 73.3dBMin 73.3dB





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