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AF02 Acoustic Foam

The AF02 is a premium acoustic foam panel designed to help improve your room’s sound. By absorbing and deflecting frequencies you can greatly increase a room’s acoustics allowing you to get a cleaner, truer sound.

Made from high-density Polyurethane foam with a precision 3×3 grid profiling that helps to maximise sound absorption, and it looks great. The AF02 is most effective at treating mid/high frequencies from 500Hz to at 4kHz, making it ideal for studios, theatre rooms, recording booths, and karaoke rooms.

Each AF02 panel is 50 x 50 cm and supplied as a pack of 10, allowing you to cover a 2.5m2 area effectively. It’s super easy to install and comes ready to use out of the box (no de-compression time needed like other brands).It can be cut to shape with scissors or a sharp knife and works well with most low-VCO adhesives, staples, tacks, and other fixing methods.
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Material:Polyurethane Foam
Surface Profile:3×3 Grid
Density:25kg / m3
Fire Rating:CA117
Size:500 x 500 x 50 mm (per piece), customized any size
Weight:312.5g (per piece)
Coverage (per pack):2.5m2


  • Professional studio grade acoustic foam

  • High-density 25kg/m3 construction offer better absorption

  • Eliminates standing waves and flutter echoes

  • Reduces unwanted room reflections that can discolour your sound

  • Certified fire rating CA117

  • Precision surface profiling with a grid pattern

  • Install right from the box, no de-compression time



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